NEO Monitors LaserGas II Open Path (OP) Monitor is s a compact, high performance gas analyzer for long distance monitoring in ambient air. Measurement lengths of up to 1000 m.

NEO Monitors LaserGas 2000 RUI (Remote User Interface) is the most technologically advanced Tunable Diode Laser interface on the market today. Our communication platform makes seamless integration of our analyzers an ease while providing you with in –depth functionality and reporting.

The new portable analyzer is compact, lightweight, and battery powered for on-site HF measurement. It’s provides reliable operation with instantaneous response and sufficient dynamic rang to measure sub ppm to several hundred ppm.

EOne's standard Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) can also be supplied in a portable configuration which incorporates the same hydrogen gas sensor/analyzer and system electronics found in our other hydrogen gas purity systems. The PAG is specifically intended for use in non-hazardous environments and/or as an emergency backup.


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With over 15 years in the marketplace, our reputation and experiance has allowed us to continue providing quality products as an industrial company of solutions from simple analytical gas analyzers  to fully engineered solutions and valve repair. We specialize in process analytic's, combustion analyzers, and gas detection with a high-level of experience and application development. 

Our professional skill sets and resources allow us to meet your needs with engineering support, services, project management, and systems solutions throughout the Gulf Coast area. Such experiences include but are not limited to process automation, gas analysis/detection, integrated UV, MIR NIR & IR spectroscopic solutions and thermal imaging. 

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