Alkylation Feed - HF


  NEO Monitors LaserGas™ gas analyzers have supported the HF industry since our original analyzer in 1990. During the alkylation process, large volumes of concentrated Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) are used as the chemical catalysts during in the alkylation process in the manufacturing of alkylates to boost the octane of gasoline.      

  HF is considered a highly toxic chemical that demands extreme process safety systems to prevent the accidental release of which could pose a significant threat to the public, especially those where the facilities are located in densely populated areas. With the importance of air monitoring, NEO’s Open Path analyzer has been most effective where complete perimeter coverage is preferred.

State of the Art Technology

The LaserGas™II Open Path uses Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for quantitative assessments of species in their gas phase’s with coverage sensitivity as low as 1 ppb. Our open path analyzer is a non-contact optical measurement that remains totally unaffected by contaminants and corrosives therefore eliminating the need for regular maintenance.

Easy Installation

The monitor is installed on our proprietary x/y alignment platform (goniometer). Other adapters for fixed installation on platforms or for tripod use are   available. The instrument also includes a visible aiming laser and sighting optics for easy alignment even over long distances. Hoods for protection of the optical windows on transceiver and reflector side can be supplements are performed in real-time.

Key Applications 
With market experience since 1995 and an  installed  base of more than 6000 LaserGas analyzers, we offer our customers a long-term experience from many challenging applications:

  •     HF Manufacturing & Use
    •     Leak detection of loading/unloading railcar areas
    •     QC of HF/H2O in production
    •     Leak Detection of kiln furnaces
  •     HF Alkylation Units
    •     HF leak detection
    •     HF monitoring during turnaround
    •     Fence line monitoring
    •     HF Emission  
  •     HF scrubber
  •     Stack monitoring 
  •     Perimeter Monitoring
  •     Process Leak Detection