About Us


Spectrum Analytics is an industrial distribution and representative company providing solutions from simple analytical products to environmental analyzers and sample systems. We specialize in process analytics and gas detection with more than 15 years of high-level experience and application development. 

At Spectrum Analytics, our professional skill sets and resources allow us to meet your needs with engineering support, services, project management, and systems solutions throughout the Gulf Coast/ Mexico & Latin America area. Such experiences include but not limited to process automation, gas analysis/detection, integrated UV, MIR, NIR & IR spectroscopic solutions, thermal imaging and sample system design specific to the clients application needs. 

Our goal is to continue providing the industry with only quality products and integrated solutions while consistently exceeding the needs and expectations of the customer first and foremost.


• Analytical Instrumentation
• Portable Gas Analyzers
• Process Gas Analyzers 
• Open Path Detection
• Gas Sampling / Conditioning
• Tunable Diode Lasers
• Dust Monitors
• Generator Core Monitors
• Industrial & Laboratory Regulators
• Gas Generators & Safety Cabinets
• Gas Dryers
• Welding Supplies



 Gulf Coast U.S./ Latin America Master Distributor


  •  Tunable Diode Lasers
  •  Insitu
  •  Extractive
  •  Dust
  •  Portable
  •  Open Path
  •  SIL1
  •  SIL2

**Certified U.S. Test & Repair Facility
**Certified US Service Provider

•  Louisiana & South Texas Utility System Representative


  •  Dual Hydrogen Control Panels
  •  Generator Condition Monitoring
  •  Generator Gas Analyzers
  •  Portable Gas Analyzers
  •  Gas Stations
  •  Generator Gas Dryers
  •  Generator Gas Manifolds

• Southwest Distributor 


Southwest & Latin America Master Distributor


  •  Laboratory Regulators
  •  Analytical Regulators
  •  Industrial Regulators
  •  Welding Regulators
  •  Header Manifolds
  •  Gas Generators
  •  Switchover Manifolds
  •  Gas Safety Cabinets
  •  Welding Supplies 
  •  Gas Panels
  •  Alarm Panels
  •  Valves
  •  Fittings
  •  Gauges

** Certified Test & Repair Facility
** Certified Service Provider