Gentec Corporation, founded in 1993, is a global leader in gas flow control systems.  As a total solution provider, GENTEC® offers its customers value-added services, such as customized research, product development, technical support and on-site evaluation.

With its diversified product lines, R&D strengths, as well as its ISO 9001 certified, 150,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, GENTEC®  is equipped to provide its customers with quality products and excellent services.


GENTEC® maintains its position as a global leader in gas flow control systems by providing outstanding customer services, excellent prodcuts quality and continuous technological innovation.


To provide customers with high quality, value-added products and services that meet strict safety standards.



Highly experienced engineers and technicians are the core of Gentec’s manufacturing excellence. Over 90 percent of the components are manufactured and assembled in-house. Raw material inspection, required tooling, machine programming, final assembly, and testing are all performed to meet the exact specifications of the products manufactured.

Gentec is ISO 9001,ISO 13485,ISO/TS 29001 and API Spec Q1 certified.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
The manufacturing facility is equipped with CNC machining centers, electoral polishing equipment, and precision automatic orbital welding systems, among other features, to ensure the production of the highest quality products.

Clean Room Facility
Gentec’s Class 10/100/1000 clean rooms are designed for manufacturing ultra high purity products. UHP products undergo precision machining, surface finishing, electro-polishing and passivation. All UHP products are cleaned by 18MΩ DI water in a cascade ultrasonic tank. To ensure the highest UHP product quality, they are then vacuumed dried and double bagged.

Process Engineering
Gentec has adopted total process management in order to maximize production efficiency while maintaining product quality. Industrial engineers work with technicians and customers to continuously improve our manufacturing processes
Quality assurance is an integral part of Gentec’s operations. Zero defects is our main goal. The company has implemented a series of systematic quality training programs with a strong focus on total quality management. Products meet many stringent international standards, including ASM, ANSI, SEMI, UL, CE, NFPA, ASME, CGA, API, and 3C.

Advanced Laboratorial Testing Devices
The state-of-the-art laboratory features a coordinate measuring system, flow rate measurement system, oxygen concentration monitor, micro-hardness tester, metallurgical microscope, spring testing machine, helium-leak detector, and profilometer. These high-end devices ensure product performance and quality.
All products manufactured by Gentec are warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects.Replacement will be provided at no additional charge for any defective product provided that the said product was used under normal conditions for the purpose intended.