Insitu Gas Analyzers

The NEO Monitors LaserGas Analyzer is capable of measuring many near-infrared absorbing gases in process environments. The LaserGas Series of analyzers are capable of measuring from the simplest of applications with difficult high temperature and pressure conditions to environmental applications with agressive, corrosive and high particulate. The LaserGas analyzer is the #1 most installed TDL process analyzer in the world.


TDL absorption spectroscopy is an optical non-contact measurement technique that enables real-time in-situ measurement. The measurement is done in the process no matter if it is hot, hostile, or corrosive.Typical path lengths are from 10 centimeters to 25 meters for measurements across pipes, ducts, stacks or furnaces. 

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LaserGas II Single Path Compact Gas Analyzer
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LaserGas II Single Path Gas Analyzer
Single Path Monitors are designed for in-situ measurement in stacks, ducts, or reactors with ty..
LaserGas III Single Path Gas Analyzers
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